The next day short-term trading strategy

The next day short-term trading strategy FMZ The following is a short-term trading strategy for stocks market every next day. You can modify it and use it at digital currency trading pairs market to check the effect. It is still preformed very good. The logic of the trading idea is the same. Buying on the

The public are always wrong

Bernard Baruch was born in 1870 in South Carolina and graduated from the City College of New York. Baruch is a successful example of starting from scratch and a stock trader who is good at grasping opportunities, as well as a flexible investor, also a politician who is familiar with economic development, investing in ghosts

Keep proper distance but not losing passion

A conclusion that I get from years of trading----- When you are concentrated, you will be oblivious of yourself and forget those messy thoughts, namely a state of "unintentional". If you got this calm feeling, which is amazing, you need to maintain this in your work and life so you can achieve more success. The

The technical analysis method is a mirror, and history will repeat itself, but it is by no means a simple repetition.

Often listen to some investors complaining that technical analysis methods are not reliable, and some even think that technical analysis methods are useless. I believe that some investors have such complaints because they cannot correctly understand and recognize technical analysis methods, and they misuse technical analysis methods in market practice. The technical analysis method is

Think, why can't we become profitable trader?

If we treat the market as only 100 people in the transaction, facing the futures speculative market, only 20% of the people who can survive in the end, but how can we become the 20% of the population? For some people, it is destined to be eliminated from entering this market. Therefore, we want to

Doing investment, IQ and temperament which is more important

Charlie Munger said: “A long time ago, when I realized that owning a certain temperament could make people successful, I tried to strengthen this temperament. For the financial industry, the importance of temperament far exceeds IQ. If you do this, you don’t need to be a Genius, but it really needs to have the right

The principles of stop loss benefits you for life(2)

After continuous exploration in actual combat, I’ve gained a lot of thoughts on stop loss theory and skills. In response to the strong demands of most stockholders, I will now share my "Golden Five Stop Loss Rule" for your reference: First, the space displacement stop loss method: 1. Initial stop loss method: Pre-set stop loss

The principles of stop loss benefits you for life(1)

Stop loss, unwelcome for stock investors, sounds uncomfortable. And if you are also very disgusted with this term, then you’ve already buried a huge hidden danger in your investment behavior, like a time bomb, which sooner or later will destroy your investment career. In fact, stop loss is an important part of a series of