On November 1st, 2018 Beijing time, the Bitcoin white paper was released for a full decade.

People who have been involved in the blockchain field and cryptocurrencies in the early years have now had wealth or achievements. Some of them are still busy in this field and rushing for better development.

We have prepared some questions and look forward to your sharing.

So, what questions have we prepared?

How would you answer?

— — — — — — —

Questions include:

1. What kind of emotion do you have with the past 10 years of life and the story of Bitcoin?

2. Make a toast to Bitcoin’s 10th birthday.

3. What day is the most impressive day, what happened? 4. What technical breakthroughs will the blockchain have in the next decade? What is the most likely area for large-scale application?

5. Imagine a scene of the blockchain world after 10 years. How would you describe it?

6. Please freely imagine the price of Bitcoin in 2028.


The future of Bitcoin is more about the future of the blockchain, the future of decentralized applications. This will be a brand new digital world. Bitcoin will be the economic blood of the world, not to subvert the old world.

I hope that Nakamoto will be well and hope that Bitcoin will be recognized by more people and correctly recognized. This is what I gave to Bitcoin’s tenth birthday.


What excites me the most is that in 2009, when I first read Nakamoto’s paper, I saw a unique technology that I had never seen before.

Bitcoin price in 2028? This…30 to 100k usd, this is a very unreliable estimate. LOL


The blockchain will reshape the future of our business, culture and society as a whole.


Words to Bitcoin’s 10th birthday: You are not as good as it used to be, I have become so bad now.

I know Bitcoin in 2011. The feeling in this decade is that as long as you live and be equal to others.

The most impressive day was June 20, 2011, and the bitcoin price dropped to 6 cents. At that time, it was felt that my world had collapsed. Later, it was known that MT.Gox was hacked.

In the future, the breakthrough in blockchain technology lies in the hash reduction, which comes from the underlying breakthrough of the mathematical agreement. I think the most likely large-scale application area is in the game field. Ten years later, “people, that is, money” is no longer an ideal model, and it will become more realistic.

As for the price of Bitcoin in 2028, if Bitcoin cannot become a payment currency, the price in 2028 is not as high as we think.


Bitcoin, the future can be expected. I hope to grow with Bitcoin and the community and leave my work in the community.


Bitcoin, the 10th anniversary, just want to wish you a happy birthday, although I know that you have countless ten years.

* “The fate of a person must of course depend on self-fighting, but it must also take into account the course of history.”


Bitcoin’s 10th birthday, I hope Bitcoin will live longer than Alibaba.


In the future, the performance of the blockchain will achieve a qualitative breakthrough and become part of the world’s currency.

The most likely large-scale application area should be in the field of digital media.

After ten years, perhaps most people will be disappointed and not so widely use it, but there are many suitable applications that people will no longer question the blockchain.

In 2028, as long as the system is still there and there are not many mechanisms changes, it is estimated to be 100 times, that is, about 1 million to 4 million yuan.


I wish the Bitcoin entrepreneurs to go forward and pursue the goal of Satoshi Nakamoto.


For the past 10 years, people like us loving games saw the game and life getting closer. In the past 10 years, we have used cryptocurrency for a long time. In this 10 year, it gradually begin to replace traditional currency.


For this decade, I am not very excited, because “everything, just started.”


Bitcoin’s tenth birthday, I hope it will live another 500 years!

The most impressive day is my stupidest day. That day, I cleared all my bitcoins…

The price of Bitcoin in 2028: more than one million dollars. HAHAHA


I hope Bitcoin will become the “gold” in the digital currency field in the next decade.

In the past decade, no matter how people criticize, Bitcoin is still a great invention, and people have underestimated the long-term value of the classic model.


Hope Bitcoin will become stronger in the future and become a global reserve asset.


In the next ten years, I hope everyone can build their own space with blockchain.


In the past decade, technology has made the world a better place.


The most impressive day? I bought Bitcoin on November 11, 2016, and since then I have been harassed by a group of young models every day.


I want to say to Bitcoin, you are the best!

2012. It’s the luckiest thing in my life to meet Bitcoin.

The most impressive day was last year’s 9.4, and you know what happened.

In the next decade, cross-border payment will be widely applied.

Ten years later, the blockchain will be integrated into every aspect of life.

The price of Bitcoin in 2028: $1 million.


Bitcoin is like the first kindling of mankind.


Toast to Bitcoin on tenth birthday: I hope that after 10 years, we will discuss Bitcoin just as it is now talking about the Internet.

So what about you? We hope to hear your story…

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