In this updated edition of his bestselling book, Rishi K Narangoffers in a straightforward, nontechnical style—supplementedby real-world examples and informative anecdotes—a reliableresource takes you on a detailed tour through the black box. Heskillfully sheds light upon the work that quants do, lifting theveil of mystery around quantitative trading and allowing anyoneinterested in doing so to understand quants and their strategies.This new edition includes information on High FrequencyTrading.

  • Offers an update on the bestselling book for explaining innon-mathematical terms what quant and algo trading are and how theywork
  • Provides key information for investors to evaluate the besthedge fund investments
  • Explains how quant strategies fit into a portfolio, why theyare valuable, and how to evaluate a quant manager

This new edition of Inside the Black Box explains quantinvesting without the jargon and goes a long way toward educatinginvestment professionals.

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