Month: January 2019

Lessons About Bargain-hunting From Six International Investors

Guide: Wall Street investment masters in the face of the ever-changing stock market, some people through the brave bargain Stock market is changing all the time, when facing this, some of Wall Street investment masters accumulate huge amounts of wealth through distinguished victory of brave bargain-hunting, while some of them suffer failure by buying at

How can I tell if Bitcoin is really dead?

Bitcoin, which was declared dead more than 300 times, did not die. How can I tell if Bitcoin is really dead? We can see Bitcoin's obituary almost every day, which is nothing new. The question is, how can something that has died die again? In fact, Bitcoin has been declared dead more than 300 times

Four steps to successful speculation(2)

Advantages and models are the primary key The four successful steps that have been discussed above: relative advantage→ mode system(strategy) → discipline →fund management, which is more important? If there is no advantage and mode, you can't win the game even with the best discipline and money management. The most important is the advantage and

Four steps to successful speculation(1)

Relative advantage, strategy, discipline, fund management First learn a trick (relative advantage), then solidify this trick, you will be a successful speculator. Also solidify your trading patterns, trading strategy, trading variety and your trading cycle, as well as trading opening and closing position, trading position, trading position strategy of addition and subtraction. The relative advantage

"Chaos operation" strategy source code analysis

Lawrence primer graphic Foreword The term "chaos" originally refers to the description of the chaotic state of the universe. The idea is that the result is inevitable, but because the existing knowledge cannot calculate the result, because the calculation itself is changing the result, the maximum or minimum result may appear at the end, and

Why do you have to learn to lose money in the futures market?

Never forget that securities exchanges are the most intense battlefield for money in the world. 1. Lose money to understand How do you call it to understand? It is to know the huge risks, and then according to the plans, according to the ideas, to lose money according to the expectations. This seems to be

Probabilistic thinking

Market research module It serves the trading strategy and fund management. Aside from this point, any market judgment has no target, no standard can be set, and there is no practical significance. The research contains predictions, but not only the pre-opening forecast, but also the tracking evaluation after the opening of the position. Market research

Do you have faith in your trading?

There is a famous saying on Wall Street: mediocre traders trade with skills, while top traders trade with faith. This fully shows that the difference between a mediocre trader and a trading master is not about skill but faith. Many people have a profitable trading system that cannot be executed, probably because they suspect the

Jump in with trend and get out with the trend!

Jump in with trend and get out with the trend! The market will be smarter than us at any time. The timing of a tremendous wave of trend, the form of development, the scale, the intensity, and the duration of the time are almost always out of our expectations. It seems that we will never