Buddhist monastic disciplines produce the power of meditation, the power of meditation produces wisdom, wisdom making you become a Buddha.

What are the disciplines in futures? (For individual traders) The two disciplines are enough. The others are not a problem after the two disciplines are done.

First discipline: Don't trade in too many varieties. Find a variety that suits your trading model. This is difficult for many individual traders, so many people fail. Trade in only one variety, do not look and care about other trading products. Can you insist on doing this for 3 years?

Second discipline: Don’t operate in too many trading models. Find one suits your personality, your fund size, and your mental capacity. In other words, the trading model needs to be concentrated on one kind. This is also difficult for many people. Some of them use model A this month, use model B next month and use model C in the third month. As a result, no one model is used well. Simple model should be repeated! Only when your own methods are consistent in long-term, you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of your trading model. One trick is enough to go all over the world.

When you constantly do these two disciplines for three years, somehow you gain the power to meditate. And then you gain endless wisdom, finally you will become a buddha with enough wisdom. Therefore, you wouldn’t struggling for profits in futures market.

When you gain success in markets after insisting single model in single variety for decades, someone may ask you how to earn so many RMB, you can smile and say "nothing magical, just practiced in this".

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