Some people say that a good mental attitude helps trading. Indeed, for investors, the mentality is very important. Numerous masters, masters, or traders who are still struggling to pursue the sincerity of trading are discussing the mentality – a sinister but real interference.


What is a good trading mentality? Is it seeing through the emptiness of the world? Is it to overcome the weakness of human nature and maintain rational thinking? Or is it calm like still water?


Some people say that futures are a digital game in their eyes. So, can someone completely ignore their own mentality changes? A friend of mine has been trading for many years, and he has found that no matter how hard he tries, he can't eliminate his negative mentality. He is very frustrated. Is his life destined to miss success? In fact, if the trader comes for profit, it will definitely be a concern. Everyone can't eliminate the human weakness. Not to mention being calm like still water, ignoring all fluctuations in interest - this is the legendary realm.

So how do you face your different states of mind?


A friend who has been profiting for many years tells me that during the transaction, he will also be troubled by different mentalities, such as excitement, pessimism, disappointment, nervousness, excitement, etc., but he knows that this will happen, and he has already adapted. I saw his capital curve, which is a very beautiful curve, but I can't see the kind of mental journey he has experienced before.

This must contain many stories, doubts about retracement, frustration of losing money, and fear of the unknown. What is certain is that he knows the various mentalities in the transaction process and accepts the baptism of human nature and finally goes to the end of the victory. As for the sweets and bitters of this, only he knows.


Therefore, a successful trader is not immune to mentality disturbance, but he can better control the impact of mentality on emotions, and operates objectively and calmly.

As long as you are trading, the mentality will always be with you. You need to understand your trading system and understand what kind of mental state it will bring to you. For example, if you are a programmatic transaction, when your capital curve is greatly increased, you need to know, There is a good chance that there will be a retracement, and this kind of retracement will be accompanied by loss, struggle, remorse and even pain, because you will lose a lot of profits in order to follow the trading system. And what you can do is just watch it happen. This requires great perseverance and confidence. You need to be prepared to accept it, and when it is determined that it will happen, you will not be controlled by your humanity to find a way to save.


The subjective transaction is the same. After a detailed analysis, you come up with a trading strategy, but when the market starts to be bad for you, you need to understand what mentality you are about to face – doubts, anxiety, and fear of continuing positions. You have to accept this reaction and separate it from your decision. In the presence of this mentality, you should look at the market objectively according to the method of entry and exit that you have set before trading. Over time, your adaptability will help you get used to these negative mentalities, identify with their existence, and your future will naturally become objective and smooth.

Therefore, if you don't believe in your trading system and have a deep understanding of the psychological state that you will appear during the operation of the system, you will not be able to achieve a sense of unity and achieve stable profitability. If you want to be a successful trader, you need to understand what kind of mentality changes you will experience during the transaction, and accept it calmly, adapt to it, get used to it. One day, the impact of your mentality fluctuations will be minimal, and you will calmly face the ups and downs. In the end, the deal may have really become a digital game.

Through trading, analyzing the shortcomings of human nature and self-cultivation, isn't this the charm of trading?

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