Why learn programming languages:

1. The trading strategy written by others is difficult for you to adjust.

I often hear people say that the previous model that runs well is not performing well recently and wants another new strategy. In fact, there is no single strategy that can adapt to the market forever. Generally, in a quarter or so, it is necessary to adjust parameters or change certain conditions. If the strategy is not written by itself, it is difficult to adjust, and you have to spend long time in finding a new one.

2. The trading strategies written by others is difficult for you to fully implement

If it is a model written by someone else, no matter how perfect the test results are, once the market is in crisis, you will be restless, always suspecting that there is a problem with the strategy, then throw the strategy aside and return to the old path of trading by emotion. People will only believe what they know. If they don't believe it, it's difficult for them to implement it completely and they will not be able to complete the strategy.

3. The process of programming is also the process of understanding

Some people understand the market by losing money and breaking positions in the market, which is not only high in tuition fees, but also slow in growth. By writing strategies to understand the market does not need to pay tuition fees. It is easy to analyze where your mistakes are from the historical test report and to improve, which is enough to bring realistic practical experience. So the process of writing and debugging strategies is also understanding the market. The process is an invaluable accumulation.

The learning steps and methods of Mylanguage:

When it comes to language, you may think of complex grammar, lots of vocabulary, and endless difficulties. But "Mylanguage" is completely different from the language you have learned before. It has only two parts of grammar and 200+ functions. It is the simplest programmatic writing language in China. You don't need any C or C++ programming foundation, as long as you can read and have learning spirit, you can easily master it.

1. Understand the structure & functions of Mylanguage

The model structure of the Mylanguage is very simple, two parts: define the variables needed; trading conditions + trading instructions. As shown in the picture below is a complete model with variables, conditions, and instructions.

Mylanguage currently has more than 240 functions. It is not recommended that you memorize the whole function table. It is recommended that you first understand what functions are provided in strategies, and then learn the writing methods and commonly used functions. When you have higher writing requirements, find the corresponding function in the list of functions.

2. Try to write a simple model by yourself

After understanding the trading idea of a strategy, try to write the model independently according to the same idea.

3. Log in FMZ Quant forum, submit a post and talk to other users about programming questions.

More details can be viewed in the API document of Mylanguage on FMZ Quant:

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