Quantitative trading quick start


Part 1, the basis of quantitative trading

  1. What is quantitative trading?
  2. Why choose quantitative trading?
  3. What are the needs for quantitative trading?
  4. What are the elements of a complete trading strategy?

Part 2, the introduction of quantitative trading tools

  1. Introduction to the quantitative trading tool
  2. How to configure the FMZ Quant trading system
  3. Common API explanations
  4. How to write a trading strategy on FMZ Quant platform

Part 3, use a simple programming language to achieve trading strategies

  1. Quantitative trading programming language evaluation
  2. Getting started with the M language
  3. How to implement strategies in M language
  4. Visual Programming Quick Start
  5. Visual Programming language implementation of trading strategies

Part 4, using mainstream programming language to achieve trading strategies

  1. JavaScript language quick start
  2. How to implement strategies in JavaScript language
  3. Getting started with the Python language
  4. How to implement strategies in Python language
  5. C++ Language Quick Start
  6. How to implement strategies in C++ language

Part 5, Strategy backtesting, debugging and improvement

  1. The meaning and trap of backtesting
  2. How to do quantitative trading backtesting
  3. How to read the strategy backtest performance report
  4. Why do we need an off-sample test?
  5. Trading strategy optimization

Part 6, Teach you to build a profitable robot strategy

  1. Analyze the classic double-moving average line strategy and tell you how to make a profit

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