Our platform’s New design PC/MacOS local software client is released now!

The client features

1. The local computer running, the API KEY is configured locally, and the API KEY is encrypted and saved during configuration.

2, No need to deploy and configure the Docker!!! anymore, running the strategy is way much simpler.

3. Create your own quantitative trading robot with just one application code.

4, platform-level experience, full-featured.

Distributing the strategy application code & Download software Client:


Distributing strategy application code

2. You can download the PC/MacOS software client when generating the application registration code.

3. You can download the PC client from the “Tokens records” management page.

Running the PC client

1. Running

2. Configure Exchange API KEY

3.Running robot

4.Logout exit


1. a registration code, can only be used by one device.

2. a registration code, can only run one robot, not multiple.

3. Log out and log back in to run the latest version of the strategy. (If the author has modified the strategy, only after logging out, re-registering with the application code is the latest version)

When running in the Apple computer system

When the first time you run it, you need to open it in the security settings, as shown in the figure:

• Click to enter and click the “still open” button.

• 5, if the windows system reports a virus, it is a false positive, and it can be ignored.

• 6. When the strategy author distributes the application code, one-time billing is 3 yuan per day (charging by day).

For users who want to simply publish their strategies and make them easy to deploy and spread, and for users who don't know how to deploy The Docker, this software client is mainly designed for you, we hope you will like it.

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