We are a team that specializes in providing Cryptocurrency Exchange Technology, Quantitative Trading Technology and Market-Making Strategy.

We provide services such as:

1: Trading Exchange System Architecture, we have a highly concurrent and secure exchange system built by Golang and C++, supporting cryptocurrency and OTC trading.

2: Market-Making Strategy Service, a quantitative strategy that provides exchanges’ liquidity, suitable for new exchanges that haven’t attracted enough trading volume.   Know more

3: Trading Strategy Customization Service, customized quantitative trading strategy based on the ideas provided by traders.  Know more

4: Quantization Module Integration, seamless integration of quantitative trading modules into any existing system

We are currently the world's largest online cryptocurrency quantitative trading platform, providing quantitative tech support for nearly 50 major trading exchanges.

Our official website: www.fmz.com

If you are interested in our service, please Contact Us:

Email: thefmzinc@gmail.com

Telegram: @TheFmzQuant

Twitter: @FMZQuant

Looking forward to working with you!


FMZ Quant Team

September 28th 2018

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