Month: April 2019

3.1 Quantitative trading programming language evaluation

Summary In Chapters 1 and 2, we learned the basics of quantitative trading and the uses of FMZ Quant tools. In this chapter, we will implement the actual trading strategies. If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. To implement a trading strategy, you must first master a programming

2.4 How to write a trading strategy on FMZ Quant platform

Summary After studying the previous sections, we finally ready to write a quantitative trading strategy. This will be the most important step in your entry into the quantitative trading from manual trading. In fact, it is not so mysterious. Writing a strategy is nothing more than realizing your ideas with code. This section will implement

2.3 Common API explanations Summary When it comes to programming, it must be inseparable from the API. For many non-programmer people, what is the API? In this section we will use the easiest language to explain what is the API, and introduce the APIs commonly used in the FMZ Quant tools. What is API? If you google it,

2.2 How to configure the FMZ Quant trading system Summary For the development of quantitative trading strategies, the first thing to do is the configuration of the trading tools. In this section we will take you through setting up exchanges, creating trading strategies, and creating robots, all of which are necessary prerequisites for quantitative trading. The configuration learning part is divided into the

2.1 Introduction to the quantitative trading tool Summary In the previous chapter, we learned about the concepts of quantitative trading, have a basic understanding of quantitative trading. So what tools are available on the market that can do quantitative trading? How can we choose according to our own needs? Open source software and commercial software Most quantitative trading tools can be

1.4 What are the elements of a complete strategy?

Summary A complete strategy is actually a set of rules that traders give themselves. It includes all aspects of the trading, and does not leave a little room for subjective imagination. Every choices of buying and selling, the strategy will give an answer. It includes at least strategy selection, variety selection, fund management, order placing,

1.3 What are needed for quantitative trading?

Summary A complete quantitative trading life cycle is more than just the trading strategy itself. It consists of at least six parts, including: strategy design, model building, backtesting tuning, simulation trading, real market trading, strategy monitoring, etc. Strategy Concept First of all, to do quantitative trading must first return to the trading market, to observe

1.2 Why choose quantitative trading

Summary Many people think complex trading strategies as a starting point when discussing quantitative trading, and inadvertently put a layer of mystery on quantitative trading. In this section, we will try to make a simple "sketch" for quantitative trading in an easy-to-understand language, revealing his mystery, and I believe that even a beginner can easily

1.1 What is quantitative trading?

Summary As a product of the combination of science and machine, quantitative trading is changing the pattern of modern financial markets. Many investors have turned their attention to this field. How to minimize risk and achieve the best possible return? It is also the purpose of this series of courses. As the first part of

Quantitative trading quick start

Quantitative trading quick start Content Part 1, the basis of quantitative trading What is quantitative trading? Why choose quantitative trading? What are the needs for quantitative trading? What are the elements of a complete trading strategy? Part 2, the introduction of quantitative trading tools Introduction to the quantitative trading tool How to configure the FMZ